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Homemade Fromage Blanc

October 10, 2009

Draining the whey: 3 hours

Hang curds to drain more: another 3 hours

Fromage blanc (white cheese) is a great alternative to cream cheese – fewer calories, more flavor. It takes a day to make a batch, but it’s a waiting game – there are fewer than 15 minutes (!) of active preparation.

Fromage blanc makes a yummy spread on it’s own, but it’s far more interesting with other flavors added:

  • sundried tomato and basil
  • fresh berries
  • fresh chives
  • fig jam

If you get tired of spreading it on your bagels:

Note: Fromage blanc can be made with whole or skim milk – the more fat in the milk, the creamier the cheese and the higher the yield.


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