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Selected Articles and Essays

Our 100-Mile Thanksgiving

Published at ChicagoREgen – December, 2010

“Our first 100-mile Thanksgiving was a delicious success full of surprises. Was it the freshness of the local ingredients? Or was it the simple satisfaction of pulling it off?”

Making Peace and Jam With Mulberries

Published at ChicagoREgen – July, 2010

“Bestselling author and spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle often reminds us that what we resist, persists. But when the object of resistance has the ability to stain anything it comes in contact with and jeopardize marital bliss, how can you do anything but resist it?”

Dreaming of Honey Bees in the Windy City

Published at Open Salon – July, 2010

“What a thrill it would be to step outside (in my pajamas!) and cut a piece of fresh honey-filled comb from my very own hive, while homemade biscuits were baking in anticipation of being slathered in fresh honey. That vision was so real and sweet smelling I made up my mind that one day I would have a city hive of my own.”

Finding Peace in Imperfection

Published at Open Salon – October, 2009

“In the wake of a crisis that had me poking through trash cans like a vagrant, I begged him for silence, not because I couldn’t handle the lecture, but because I wanted the space to quietly celebrate and honor the letting go and the woman I’d become in the process.”

Sleeping With Cookbooks

Published at Open Salon – September, 2009

“My mom slept with her cookbooks–literally. Did she dream of vibrant peppers? Of iced cookies twinkling with sprinkled sugar? I’ll never know….”

29 Minute Mozzarella

Published at Open Salon – September, 2009

“Was it possible that cheese could be made by my mere mortal hands? In my very own kitchen? And in under 30 minutes?”

Don’t Fear the Lobster

Published at Open Salon – September, 2009

“Who would believe that a man that can bench press 225 pounds is afraid of a little crustacean?”

Please Don’t Tell Me Boeuf Bourguignon Is JUST Beef Stew

Published at Open Salon – August, 2009

“Anything that can inspire my husband to whistle while he works in the kitchen and make him think of cooking as the magic I’ve always believed it to be is indeed more than just a stew.”

Hitting Rock Bottom at the Local Hair Salon

Published at Open Salon – July, 2009

“I quit my job a year ago – right before the rest of the country started to worry about keeping theirs.”


I’m a contributor at (an online community committed to making Chicago a sustainable city by 2025) where I explore urban agriculture and beekeeping, as well as sourcing and cooking with local ingredients.

Date Article
March 23, 2011 The Heartbreak of an Urban Beekeeper
February 7, 2011 When the Snow Flies, Sow Some Seeds
December 22, 2010 All’s Quiet at the Hive
December 6, 2010 Our 100-Mile Thanksgiving in Review
November 22, 2010 Crazy For Cranberries
October 19, 2010 Countdown to a 100-Mile Thanksgiving
September 15, 2010 Harvest Time: Our First Urban Honey
August 23, 2010 Harvest Time: Cherry Tomatoes
July 30, 2010 Making Peace and Jam With Mulberries
July 17, 2010 Market Days: Blueberry Blossom Honey
July 9, 2010 Square Inch Gardening
June 11, 2010 You’ve Got Bees


You’ll also find some of my favorite stories at Open Salon.

Date Article
July 13, 2010 Making Peace and Jam With Mulberries
July 2, 2010 Dreaming of Honey Bees in the Windy City
December 22, 2009 A Virtual Box of Cookies
December 22, 2009 Calling All Coconut Lovers
December 18, 2009 This Sort of Thing Isn’t Funny Here Yet
December 17, 2009 My Christmas Cookie List and Recipes for 2009
December 15, 2009 Holiday Baking is Cheap Therapy
December 8, 2009 It’s National Brownie Day!
December 1, 2009 Spiced Cranberry Sangria: Your Holiday Helper
November 30, 2009 Turkey Brie Panini Wins 2009 Silk Purse Award
November 24, 2009 Good-Bye Pumpkin, Hello Cranberries
November 10, 2009 A Good Egg
November 3, 2009 Parsnip, Kale and Walnut Galette
October 27, 2009 A Modern Day Chuck Wagon in Santa Fe
October 26, 2009 Finding Peace in Imperfection
October 19, 2009 Nice Bites in London on a Budget
October 6, 2009 Breakfast with Bird
September 29, 2009 Friday Night Flatbreads Meet Foodie Tuesday
September 22, 2009 Sleeping With Cookbooks
September 15, 2009 29 Minute Mozzarella
September 8, 2009 Does Size Really Matter…In the Kitchen?
September 1, 2009 Don’t Fear the Lobster
August 27, 2009 Introducing My Husband
August 25, 2009 Please Don’t Tell Me Boeuf Bourguignon Is JUST Beef Stew
August 18, 2009 Falling Off My Soapbox For Figs
July 21, 2009 Homemade Raspberry Squares and a Tiny Bit of Food Porn
July 20, 2009 Tweets From Barbara Walters
July 14, 2009 You Are What You Eat?
July 10, 2009 Hitting Rock Bottom at the Local Hair Salon
June 30, 2009 Retro Eats: Strawberry Pretzel Dessert for the 4th of July
June 23, 2009 Homemade Mints, This Time Because I Wanted To
June 19, 2009 Dad, A Figment of My Imagination
June 16, 2009 Strawberry Season Still Exists
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